A new division of product lines


Dear Customer,

We are pleased to inform that the whole product range was divided into three product lines. These actions are a response to customers demand and the result of analysis carried out on the market.

Guided by the idea of improving the quality of products and services as well as facilitate the selection of an appropriate solution, a comprehensible distribution of products was developed. Furthermore, icons and color diversity was introduced to make finding the product in an easier way.

The offer includes three lines:

  • Premium Line - first-class line includes mainly OEM products, as well as products that meet the most demanding criteria, which allows for long and trouble-free operation in toughest conditions. In this line there are also remanufactured starters and alternators, containing minimum 80% of OE parts. Professional production and regeneration facility, qualified team, as well as multi-stage quality control allow us to obtain products of the highest quality, not inferior to OEM parts.
  • Standard Line - products from this line are characterized by total reliability and certainty. Excellent price-quality ratio guaranteed by AS-PL brand is a distinctive feature. Detailed quality control and insightful approach to goods enable to guarantee reliable and affordable solutions.
  • Economy Line - it is an offer for customers searching a balance between price and high quality. Group of products from Economy Line series guarantees steady engine start and long-term performance.

In order to obtain detailed information please contact us.